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New tretford® ECO carpet tile, tretford® carpet roll and tretford® carpet tile offer easy, efficient and affordable installation options; making tretford’s® products preferable to other more costly, less environmentally friendly commercial carpet brands.

tretford® formats are easily installed. Our carpet formats use a soft, flexible backing making them pliable, easy to handle and easy to move for more manageable installations.
Wastage is low, generally less than 5% lower than wastage of traditional, larger broadloom carpets.
tretford® formats are easily transported. Our carpets do not require special lifting, cranes or transportation equipment.
tretford® installations minimize damage. Our carpets are easy to manage during installation, which reduces incidental damage to other finishes.
Damaged, stained or worn carpet is easy to repair. tretford® carpets can be cut without fraying making section replacement easy and efficient.
Learn more about tretford® commercial carpet and discover the vivid prism of tretford® carpet colors.