80% of tretford® carpet roll fibers come from Cashmere goat hair, which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static.

The inherent properties of our natural carpets improve air quality, acoustics and contribute towards energy savings. tretford’s® goat hair is one of the toughest natural carpet fibers available which contributes to its incredible longevity and durability even in the most demanding commercial environments.

Our carpet roll does not flake, rot, warp or peel which adds to its service life of at least 5 years for commercial installations. tretford® carries a standard 5 year limited Wear Warranty. Longer term warranties are offered on a project-by-project basis.
tretford® carpet roll is also uniquely constructed so that it can be cut in any direction without fraying. This allows for easy replacement of small sections without the need for seam sealers. In addition, tretford’s® exclusive non-ravel construction allows us to offer a life-time warranty against edge ravel and fraying.

tretford® also promotes direct-stick installation methods to increase our carpet’s longevity and we support the use of solvent-free adhesives to reduce pollutants and to protect the environment. tretford® carpet roll is of the highest quality with one of the lowest service failure rates in the industry.