Available in 35 spectacular hues, our tretford® tiles allow you to create a stunning and unique environment.

The ribbed structure of our natural carpet creates fabulously clean, elegant lines, central to the overall final ‘feel’ of your room or extended area. Our tiles are made from Cashmere goat hair which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static, and naturally filters dust and allergens from the air; the tile backing is made simply from felt (instead of industry standard PVC) making it the most environmentally friendly flooring on today’s market.
Our unique construction allows tretford® carpet tiles to be cut in any direction, including circles, without fraying or damaging, which creates absolutely limitless design opportunities. Furthermore, our tiles are lightweight and pliable, making them easy to install without the use of heavy equipment.

tretford® tiles not only acts as a natural air filter, they are free of chemicals, toxins and non-carcinogenic from top to bottom.